Setup Wattvision Wifi

Wattvision Gateway 2 supports 802.11B WIFI. Here's how to get it connected to your Wifi Network. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

1. Plug in power supply

Power it up, with nothing else connected.

2. Gateway will go into setup mode

Wifi light will come one and LINK and SENSOR lights will start blinking. This means your gateway is now creating a temporary network that will be used to connect your gateway to the internet.

3. Select Wattvision Set Up from available networks.

On your laptop, desktop or mobile device, under available networks, WATTVISION SETUP should be an option. This is an AD-HOC wifi network so it is not yet compatible with android devices, iOS or any laptop/desktop computer will work.

4. In your browser, go to

Log on to This may take a few tries. If you are having trouble connecting, try unplugging the power supply and plugging it back in while the page loads, checking the connection to the gateway or restarting your browser.

5.Log In

Username:admin password:admin
Do not change these values, there is no way to recover lost passwords

6.Set Up screen

If logged in correctly, you will be greeted with the set up screen.

7. Select wireless setup

8. Select your personal network

Under "Find Available Networks", select your personal network from list.

9. Enter your password

Enter the password to your personal wifi network and press save.

10. Plug in your sensor

Plug sensor into port on right end of Gateway

11. Wait for lights on gateway to light up

The Wifi and Link lights will light up and be steady. When that happens, you're all set!

Congrats! Continue to Step 2 at the Wattvision Setup Overview