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Getting Started with Wattvision

To get going with Wattvision, you need have a sensor that uploads data to Wattvision.com. There are FOUR ways to get data to Wattvision's Cloud servers.

For Wattvision to work, you need energy data flowing from your utility meter to the Wattvision Web App. You must choose one of the options below to make this happen.

Choose one of the FOUR OPTIONS below

Select the best Sensor for Your Meter Type, from the FOUR options below. Set up that sensor, and then view data at Wattvision.com. Whatever your situation, one of the options below will definitely work.

OPTION 1: The Rainforest Eagle Gateway

If your power company supports the Rainforest Eagle, it's a convenient way to get data uploading to Wattvision.com. You must first check if it works in your service area with the following map.

OPTION 2: Wattvision's Sensors

Wattvision Makes several surface mounted, non-intrusive, consumer-installable energy sensors for analog and digital meters. See the following page to track whether they will work on your meter.

OPTION 3: EKM Meters + EKM Push

EKM Meters work in any situation, but you must check compatibility and electrician-level setup experience is required.

OPTION 4: The Wattvision API

If you already have your own sensors, check out the Wattvision API to start uploading data from your own hardware to Wattvision.com.

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Getting Started with Wattvision

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