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Setup the Rainforest Eagle

Rainforest configuration

Part 1: Configuration on Rainforest side

  1. Connect your Rainforest Eagle to its power source and to an ethernet cable, then go to the local web address located on the bottom of the sensor.
  1. Once connected, go to settings and select Wattvision from providers drop down.
  1. Confirm your choice to connect to Wattvision server
  1. Your data is now being sent to Wattvision servers

Part 2: Accessing the Data on the Wattvision website

  1. Log in to your Wattvision account and go to Desktop
  1. Click House/Site and enter information about the location that is to be monitored.
  1. After you add your House/Site, go to sensor settings and click on Rainforest Eagle from the drop down menu. Enter your cloud ID which can be found on the back of the Rainforest sensor
Note: This ID is case sensitive! 00abcd will not work, but 00ABCD will work!

Note: This ID is case sensitive! 00abcd will not work, but 00ABCD will work!

  1. If all steps were followed correctly, then you should be able to access your Rainforest data on Wattvision.com

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Setup the Rainforest Eagle

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