Troubleshooting: EKM Hardware

Problem: My data shows up Negative in Wattvision?!

(Response by Jameson of EKM Metering)

If you are NOT sending electricity back out through the meters (towards the grid) then you should NOT be seeing any incrementing kWh on display #02 (Reverse kWh) of the meter itself. Here are some things to check (this assumes a “single phase, “120/240” system):

Make sure the arrows on the CTs are facing towards the load.

Make sure you have CT1 on line 1, CT2 on line 2, etc.

Make sure the voltage reference from Line 1 goes to Line1 power on the meter, make sure the voltage reference from Line 2 goes to Line2 power on the meter, etc. Connect your neutral to the meter.

Make sure your CT wires are connecting into the meter in the right order: For OmniMeters it should be black-white, black-white-etc. from left to right, going into the meter itself.

Make sure that the CT on hot line 1 is connecting in to ports 1 and 2 on the meter, and not 3 and 4 , etc.

Here is a video showing proper wiring of a 120/240 volt 3-wire system:

Make sure that the neutral wire is connected and tight. A loose neutral connection will cause the meter to measure improperly.

If you are still having trouble please send us clear photos of the wiring.

Note that once you have it working correctly the existing Reverse kWh will not go away — just not increment any further.

Note also that even if you do have reverse kWh and it matches your Total kWh then your Total kWh is still accurate!

Jameson, EKM Metering Inc, [email protected] 831.425.7371