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Wattvision Commercial Pulse Output Sensors

For Commercial purchasers only

Types of Sensors

CAF3: For Analog Meters, Front Mount

CDF3: For Digital Meters, Front Mount

CDT3: For Digital Meters, Top Mount

Analog Sensors work with all analog meters with a visible rotating ferraris disk with a single black mark on the edge.
Digital Sensors work with all digital meters emitting an infrared pulse from the front or top of the meter (the Infrared Test Pulse or Infrared KYZ pulse).

Commercial Pulse Output Sensors Features

  • Broad compatibility with existing “dry contact pulse” data loggers.
  • Simple 3-wire, screw terminal connection – Power, Ground, and Pulse Signal.
  • Adapter box with power and sensor operation LEDs.
  • Sensors allow easy verification of operation – flash on detection.

Standard operation

Mount on a standard digital meter with a front-facing IR pulse output. Tighten down on meter so that the sensor is firmly pressed on to the meter face, directly over the meter’s IR output. When an IR pulse is observed by the sensor, the sensor turns ‘on’ – the Signal Wire is pulled down to GND. For any detected IR input, the minimum ‘on’ time is 100ms.

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Wattvision Commercial Pulse Output Sensors

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