Wattvision Gateway 2

Device Overview

Setup Wattvision Overview
The Wattvision Gateway 2 reads energy consumption data (watts, watthours) from Wattvision Sensors and uploads data to Wattvision.com.

Here are the technical details of the device.


Overview of Wattvision Gateway Device

Note: The SENSOR LED toggles ON and then OFF slowly when data is coming In -- see all the LED meanings below!

Ports and Connections

Port NameWhere is it?Possible Connections
Barrel JackLeft side5.5x2.1mm Center Positive Power Supply Plug. Recommended power supply is 12 volts DC and supplies a minimum current of 400 milliamps. Use the Included UL-listed Power Supply.
Ethernet RJ45 JackLeft sideEthernet cable to a router.
Wattvision Sensor RJ11 JackRight sideConnects to ONLY WATTVISION SENSORS. 4-wire RJ11 Wattvision Sensor Cable.

The Following Sensors are Compatible:
Wattvision Digital Top Sensor
Wattvision Digital Front Sensor
Wattvision Analog Sensor
Wattvision Pulse Input Cable

LED States and Meanings

IF Link and Sensor are flashing rapidly, you're in SETUP MODE. Otherwise, you're in NORMAL MODE.

PowerON - When Power is connected at the barrel jack.OFF - No Power.FLASHING: Serious power problem. Disconnect Power and contact support.
WifiON - Normal Mode: Connected to a Wifi Network OR Creating an Adhoc Network for Setup Mode.OFF - Normal Mode: Not connected to Wifi (yet). Setup Mode: Not creating Wifi Network, yet.-
LinkON - Link Established with Wattvision.com servers.OFF - No Link.FLASHING RAPIDLY: We're in setup mode -- so you can program your Wifi Network with your details.
Sensor--FLASHING RAPIDLY We're in setup mode.

FLASHING ON AND OFF SLOWLY, once every few seconds or few minutes -- with each Toggle, one more data point (pulse) has been received by the sensor.

Environmental Information

The WVG2 is designed to be in a climate-controlled environment. It is not designed to be exposed to the outdoor elements and is not a NEMA-certified enclosure on its own (it, however, can be placed inside a NEMA enclosure). It has a standard operational range of -20C to 50C.

Communications - Ethernet and Wireless-B

The WVG2 can connect to the Internet via Ethernet or Wireless-B (802.11B).

The WVG2, like many network devices, determines the current GMT time using NTP.

The WVG2 makes regular HTTP POST on port 80 to www.wattvision.com. It is a one-way communications device, and it makes POSTs at a rate of up to once every 7.5 seconds. The rate is lower if less information is being gathered by the sensor (if the sensor doesn't change state for 1 minute, then we will not upload any data for 1 minute).

Regulatory Information

The device ships with a UL-listed Power Supply.
The device has completed and passed FCC Part 103B testing for unintentional radiation.
The device is entirely made in the USA by a contract manufacturing company based in New Jersey.

Network Information

What is the MAC address of the device?The device has two separate MAC addresses, that are printed on the label on the back of the device, one for WIFI and one for ETHERNET.
Is Wattvision Gateway 2 Push Only? Yes.

Can the Gateway be configured to upload to anything other than Wattvision's Cloud? No.
If you want to gather your own data locally, you can get Wattvision sensors with pulse outputs and then wire them to your own gateway that has whatever behavior you wish. See Wattvision Pulse Output Adapter to adapt wattvision sensors to connect to your own hardware.
Can I set a static IP for the device?No, you can't set a static IP on the device itself, but you CAN set your DHCP server to assign a particular IP address to the relevant (wifi or Ethernet) MAC address.
Do I need to open special ports or do anything special to configure my network?No. Once the gateway is on your network, it makes HTTP requests to post data to the Wattvision Cloud. If you can open a browser and see wattvision.com from the same network, the gateway should work.
What is the Destination IP of the Wattvision Gateway? (see next question as well)The Wattvision Gateway makes regular uploads to www.wattvision.com. You can lookup that address in DNS to find the IP address, which may change. You can use the command line command "nslookup www.wattvision.com" to see what the current www.wattvision.com IP address is. (Right now (2/2016) it's
Does the gateway use SNTP?Yes, it does. It connects to pool.ntp.org to get the current network time.
What is the data rate of the Wattvision Gateway?The rate is one HTTP POST request of about 200-300 bytes every 7.5 seconds, max. (It might be lower than this as well, this is an overestimate to be on the safe side). You should conduct your own tests to determine the data rate for your setup.
Can Wattvision be configured for proxy?No, though your DHCP server (how Wattvision 2 gets its IP address) could supply the gateway with this information.

Known Issues

  • Gateway ETHERNET MAC address may differ from printed label, in rare cases. The Ethernet MAC address shown on the sensor-settings page (after you pair a sensor to a house on Wattvision.com) is the current Ethernet MAC Address.