What's Wattvision?

This page should answer any questions you might have about Wattvision, and should help you get up and running fast. If it doesn't answer all your questions, you can see the FAQ or ask us immediately at [email protected]

So, what's Wattvision?

Wattvision aspires to be the easiest way for your to track and visualize your live and historical energy use. We give you alerts and updates, send you regular status emails, and help you understand, compare, and share your data. Whether you're a home owner, a campus sustainability director, or an energy auditor, we have products that can help.

Wow that's cool! How do you get live data?

There are several types of sensors that upload live data to Wattvision.com. Some are consumer installed and others require electricians to set up. See the Getting Started page for more info.

What does Wattvision make?


The centerpiece of our products is the Wattvision Web App. It's a live energy data monitoring and tracking "portal." As of this writing, it receives a half-billion data points per month, from sensors all around the world. Thousands of users open the site on the web or phone and receive alerts and updates on their energy use.

Our software at Wattvision.com receives data from our own sensors as well as sensors built by third parties, and all of our data is accessible via an API. We're happy to be part of an open app ecosystem.

Further, we've built several large visualizations and dashboard experiences for customers like Princeton University.


Out of necessity, we made our own hardware to make it easy for anyone, without the help of an electrician, to grab data directly from their utility meter and get it to Wattvision.com. Learn more about our hardware under the subheading at right, "Our Hardware."